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LoDi s88 booster with USB C

In larger systems, the S88 buses are correspondingly long. If many modules are then operated simultaneously on an S88 bus, the supply voltage is often no longer sufficient.

This is where the LoDi S88 booster comes in handy. It feeds in the supply voltage and refreshes the S88 signal.

We recommend installing a LoDi S88 booster after 10 S88.2 modules at the latest.

The characteristics of the LoDi S88 booster

  • It provides the power required for additional feedback modules or track occupancy detectors.
  • A further 12 S88 bus components can be operated per booster.
  • The LoDi S88 booster not only amplifies the current, it takes the received data, renews it or drives it fresh. This means that even larger installations can be operated easily. 
  • With power pack or as a direct connection to the model railway transformer.
  • Can be used for the S88.2, s88n and with the LoDi S88 adapter also with the old 6-pin s88 bus.

1. The LoDi S88 booster and its connections



The LoDi S88 booster is required for larger installations. If the number of modules on a bus exceeds ten, malfunctions can occur on the bus. Then a LoDi S88 booster should be set. 

  • (1) The bus
    coming from the last LoDi operator is connected here.
  • (2) Here you now connect further 
    LoDi operators to your system.


2. LEDs on the LoDi S88 booster


The LoDi S88 booster has 2 LEDs that should help you to recognize the status of the device and to understand faults more quickly. 


  • (1) S88 IN: The LED lights up as soon as the power pack is connected. It signals that the booster is ready for operation and that electricity is present. 
  • (2) S88 Out: The bus is connected here in the direction of the interface. As soon as this is connected and the interface is in operation, this LED should light up.


3. Connection to the USB power supply



The LoDi S88 Booster is available in 2 variants.

With the USB power supply variant, a high-quality USB power supply is included in the scope of delivery.








Connection to the model railway transformer


The LoDi-S88-Booster in the variant connected to a model railway transformer.


Here you have the option of connecting a standard model railway transformer to your LoDi S88 booster. 

It can be operated with DC or AC voltage. The voltage range is 12-24 volts DC or AC. 



Connection to the S88.2, s88N and s88 bus


Here on the picture you can now see the interface, in this example a LoDi-S88-Commander is installed.

Another interface can also be used. ANY s88-BUS can be amplified. 


The picture below shows a fully configured S88.2 bus. Depending on the interface and the connected S88.2, s88N and s88 modules, the maximum bus length can vary. 



6. Specifications


Length 8.9cm

Width 10cm

Height 3.5cm



83 grams 


Permissible from 12 - 24 volt DC or AC voltage.

Loadable by consumers with 1 ampere.

The supply voltage can be routed to the next decoder via the AC/DC clamp on the LoDi S88 booster. The current must not exceed 10 amperes. 

Features / Specification
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LoDi s88 booster with USB C

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