Marklin 60832 Digital M83 Decoder

Marklin 60832 Digital M83 Decoder

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Marklin 60832 Digital M83 Decoder

Receiver for switching points, signals and uncoupling tracks. The m 83 supports the digital formats Motorola, DCC and mfx. The digital address can be set using the coding switch or the programming track in steps of 4. The address range is available in Motorola format up to address 320 and in DCC format up to address 2040. The m 83 has 8 outputs, each of which can be controlled separately or in pairs. The default setting is the switching of up to 4 turnouts.

Further functions are, for example, the switching of up to 8 lights (dimmable) with a defined switch-on behavior (e.g. street lights, house lights). It is possible to use an external feed, for example via 66360, only in connection with 60822. The decoders m 83 and m 84 can be stacked as required. For motorized drives, an accessory set 60821 is required for each output pair. The connection is made using elevator terminals. The maximum current rating is 3A.


  • Supports the digital format mfx.
  • LED displays for quick identification of operating states.
  • Updatable.

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