Model Railway Power Distribution Board Distributor V1

Model Railway Power Distribution Board Distributor V1

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Thanks to the MoBa distributor V1.1, it is possible to conveniently wire under the model railway layout.The high-quality screw terminals can be used to quickly supply new loads or track gates with voltage.All clamp points marked with "A" are connected with "B" just like all points.Next to each "A" terminal is a "B" terminal.So you can connect your consumers clearly without cable chaos.
Thanks to the status LEDs, you can see at any time under the system whether there is any voltage on the board or not, without measuring it.

If both LEDs are illuminated, an AC voltage is applied to "A" and "B".
If only LED "A" is lit, a DC voltage with plus is applied to "A" and minus to "B.
Only lights LED "B" is a DC voltage with plus to "B", negative to "A to.

You will receive an assembled and tested board, including detailed instructions.

Technical information:

  • 26 clamping points - 13x "A" and 13x "B"
  • Status LEDs
  • Current carrying capacity per terminal - max.8A
  • Cross section per terminal - max.1,5mm_
  • Total current carrying capacity - max.8A (supply to 2-pin terminal)
  • Maximum voltage - 30V AC / DC / digital voltage
  • Dimensions approx. (L x W x H) - 60mm x 52mm x 13mm
  • 4 holes for PCB mounting

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