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MTB DP4 Point motor.

MTB NEW Digital point motor.

The MTB DP4 Point Motor seems like an advanced and versatile option for model railway enthusiasts. Its integration of a built-in DCC decoder simplifies setup and operation, eliminating the need for additional standalone DCC accessories decoders. The motor offers various features including multiple position distance control, integrated auxiliary contacts, and quick setup via the configuration button.

With its dimensions and mechanical function identical to the MP4, it ensures compatibility and ease of integration into existing setups. The inclusion of auxiliary switches for indicating and switching frog polarization adds further functionality and flexibility to the system.

Overall, the DP4 Point Motor appears to offer a comprehensive solution for controlling switches via DCC, enhancing the user experience with its intuitive setup and feature-rich design.

The MTB DP4 Point Motor offers a range of features tailored to streamline the setup and operation of model railway switches:

1. Built-in DCC Decoder: The motor comes equipped with a DCC decoder, eliminating the need for separate decoders and simplifying the wiring and setup process.
2. Identical Dimensions and Mechanical Function: With dimensions and mechanical functions identical to the MP4, it ensures compatibility and ease of integration into existing setups without requiring significant modifications.
3. 4-Position Distance Control: The motor provides four position distance control options, allowing for precise adjustment at 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, and 12mm distances.
4. Integrated Double Auxiliary Contacts: Featuring integrated double auxiliary contacts, the motor offers enhanced functionality for additional accessories or signaling systems, increasing the versatility of your railway layout.
5. Quick and Simple Setup: Setup and configuration are made easy with the configuration button, enabling users to quickly configure settings and test functionality without the need for complex procedures or additional tools.
Overall, the MTB DP4 Point Motor offers a user-friendly solution with advanced features designed to enhance the control and operation of model railway switches.

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MTB DP4 Digital Point motor.

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