MTB MP6 Point Motor

MTB MP6 Point Motor

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Miniature dimensions 30 42 mm (W L)
Universal connection as electromagnetic machine
Pulse control
4 stroke stages 3, 6, 9 and 12 mm
Integrated double changeover contact
Convenient installation with removable connector

Stroke adjustment in four stages 3, 6, 9 and 12 mm, pin position in the carrier. The sliding mechanism ensures smooth travel to the end position and its locking.

The MP6 is used as a replacement for the standard twin-coil, with short pulse control. Supply voltage 9-14V DC, which must be permanently applied. Switching to the end position is provided by a memory relay which is controlled by a short pulse (min 40ms) from the control device / switch. The pulse inputs are two POS1, POS2, switching the input to voltage -U (common zero) starts the movement. The switchgear's electronics ensure a smooth adjustment and travel to the end position, even if the control pulse has passed. The auxiliary outputs (fb1, fb2) are intended for signaling the end position of the machine by means of LED or bulb. Or it can be used for DCC control as feedback of device position.

For additional use, the machine is equipped with two isolated 1A changeover contacts. The limit switches and relays ensure the range is reached even after the power supply has been restored.

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