Train Tech RL1 Twin Channel Relay Controller for DC/DCC

Train Tech RL1 Twin Channel Relay Controller for DC/DCC

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Train Tech RL1 Twin Channel Relay Controller for DC/DCC

Multi Scale

This is a twin channel Relay controller which can switch high power loads using control signals from Track Sensors, Mimic Switches, Sensor Signals or DCC accessory commands.

Example applications include:

  • Start a coal loading conveyor when the train is in position
  • Remote control of models from the DCC controller
  • Activate a turntable when a train passes a Track Sensor
  • Boost Track Sensor outputs to control motors, solenoids, lamps etc.
  • Automatic Train Control (see current brochure for more info)

The RL1 works on analogue or digital layouts and is powered directly by DCC or 12-16 Volts smooth DC. When on digital the relays can also be controlled by DCC accessory addresses which are easily set up using One-Touch DCC. Relays are a great way to switch on and off relatively high power devices such as motors and solenoids because they act like a switch contact and so are safely electrically isolated from other signals. The Relay Controller incorporates two separate relays, each with single pole changeover contacts which can switch up to 3 amps at 24 volts AC or DC, so can be used to control DC or AC models, including battery models, Faller kits, etc.


  • 1 x RL1 Twin Channel Relay Controller



Scale  Multi
Gauge  Multi
Type  Decoder

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