Uhlenbrock 64400 DAISY II radio set

Uhlenbrock 64400 DAISY II radio set

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DAISY II radio set Built-in future! The wireless system can be expanded via software. With the expansion, it is possible to control via the radio master also vehicles with corresponding radio receivers directly in DCCFormat. The DCC command no longer needs to be transmitted over the tracks in the locomotive. So z. B. to the garden railway locomotives or rolling stock of the Faller Car system are controlled directly.Another software enhancement, it is then also make possible to combine the system with GamesOnTrack position. When DAISY II handhelds all address and control information is displayed on the display. The speed is set via a rotary encoder. Pressing the control knob changes the direction of travel. 20 locomotive special functions are directly using the numeric keypad can be switched. All other via the Loksonderfunktionsmení_. DAISY II may at any time be separated without losing the current driving state of the locomotives from the LocoNet and inserted at another location. Through the radio module of the DAISY II Hand Controller II wireless hand-held controller can be extended to DAISY. The radio master still is required for the radio operation. Even the DAISY II wireless hand-held controller is suitable for operation at all centers with LocoNet interface. It can be plugged directly into the LocoNet, so work wired, or which is connected by radio with a radio-Master, via LocoNet with the headquarters. The range of the DAISY II wireless hand-held controller is up to 100 m (free field) to the next radio master. Depending on the system configuration 4-20 DAISY can be used II wireless hand-held controller simultaneously. The DAISY II wireless hand-held controller can be conveniently charged via the included charging adapter. Item No. 64400 DAISY II radio set: DAISY II wireless hand-held controller, wireless master 3m coiled cable, charging adapter ???? Functions as DAISY II ???? Range up to 100 m ???? Up to 20 wireless controllers simultaneously hand ???? Battery via charger ???? Funk master can be connected to IntelliboxŒ¬, IntelliboxŒ¬ IR, IntelliboxŒ¬ Basic, IntelliboxŒ¬ II, IB-Com, Control System 7, Twin Center, Piko power box and your computer (USB) ???? Option for radio transmission of DCC commands ???? Option for use with GamesOnTrack position

Uhlenbrock 64400 DAISY II radio set

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