Uhlenbrock 68720 Universal control 2-wire track

Uhlenbrock 68720 Universal control 2-wire track

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Uhlenbrock 69720 Universal control 2-wire trackThe digital universal controller can be used for many automatic control processes on a system and is connected via LocoNet with the command station. The controller can monitor 4 track sections and slow signal-dependent one train per track section and stop. Each track section is connected via 2 terminals to the controller. A terminal for the running section and one for the braking section. Both sections must be separated by track separations from the rest of the plant.All control functions can be extended with additional modules. The station controller can manage up to 12 station tracks and a diversion track. All necessary for station controller routes are stored as switching sequences of magnetic products in the module and triggered and switched from the module. There are no other devices for switching the routes necessary.The controller can be combined with LISSY / Marco. For this purpose, a LISSY / Marco receiver is in front of a section of track that is being monitored by the universal controller built into the track. If a locomotive detected on this receiver, so the determined there locomotive address will be passed to the universal controller. The universal controller assigns the received locomotive address to the track section and can be made by digital Lokbefehlen control and stop on command station the locomotive in this section of track. This uses the Universal Control for this section of track same locomotive control how it is used also in the LISSY / Marco system. The once passed in a track section loco address is then passed from the universal controller to other track sections, where the locomotive is then treated and controlled well. Report all track sections the recognized locomotive address on LocoNet, so that the locomotive addresses can also be displayed by the Loknummernanzeigen (69250, 63450 and the LISSY / Marco display in IntelliboxŒ¬ I, II and Basic).Item 68720 Universal control for 2-wire track (DCC brake generator) For each 4 track sections are where monitored and stopped trains Can be expanded by more universal controllers Installed ???? Bremsgenerator for DCC Controls stations with up to 12 tracks and 1 diversion track Included ???? memory for 13 routes with 20 commands in the module Also used together with LISSY and Marco Automatic recognition of locomotives with or without LISSY / Marco transmitter Compatible with all digital centers with LocoNet connection Up to 3A loads

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