Uhlenbrock GBM 43400 Track occupancy detector with Relay

Uhlenbrock GBM 43400 Track occupancy detector with Relay

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GBM 43 400

Track occupancy detector with Relay
For reliable indication of stationary and driving trains on the track and for use as an
electronic switch.
The occupation detector reports any driving current above and including 1mA in the isolated
section which it monitors. It reacts this way to stationary and driving locomotives and cars with
lighting. It is possible with connected lamps of all types, LEDs, relays, switches and signals
with current switching of high output current of up to 1 A, or other components, e.g. sound
The integrated relay with two floating change-over contacts, which may be loaded with 1A,
permits many switching possibilities without additional components.
Apart from use for reliable reporting on the track plan desk, the occupation detector is suitable
for the triggering switching sequences, timers or other components - and all this without visible
logic elements in the track.
When using lit end cars the device also reliably reports uncoupled railroad cars. Any other car
is detected if the isolation of the axles is bridged with graphite or resistance lacquer.


The device can tolerate a continuous driving current of 1.5A and is normally protected by the controlling equipment,e.g. Transformer or speed controller with overload protection. Should this not be the case should on your layout we recommend the installation of a 1.25mAmT micro fuse.


The GBM can be installed with continuously lit trains and digital systems, as well as with all kinds of control desks and electronic components.

Technical Data

  • max. Output current: 1A
  • min. Detected current: 1mA
  • Power supply: 12-16V
  • Driving power loss: 0.6V


Part No. 40 111 10 Diodes 1N4001
Part No. 40 311 20 coupling resistors 1.5 KOhm
Part No. 40 410 10 ml Resistance lacquer

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