Viessmann 5244 Locomotive Decoder wires only

Viessmann 5244 Locomotive Decoder wires only

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Product Code:  VN5244
Brand:  Viessmann
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Viessmann 5244 Locomotive Decoder wires only.

Product information "H0 Locomotive decoder with cable"
Miniature multi-protocol locomotive decoder suitable for RailCom, DC, DCC (2- and 4-digit addresses) and Märklin Motorola, with automatic protocol recognition. Adjustable minimum and maximum speeds as well as a freely programmable speed step table (28 steps), adjustable high frequency load regulation, also suitable for coreless motors, with 14, 28 and 128 speed steps and shunting mode.

Drive current 1 A continuously, 1.8 A peak.

4 function outputs, with additional features: Function mapping, direction-dependent headlights, dimming, flashing. The max. current of the function outputs is 500 mA.

All outputs are protected against overloading, in addition the decoder is protected against overheating.

The decoder has a SUSI interface, as well as a connection for external energy storage, as soldering pads.

Dimensions: L ca. 2.5 x W 1.54 x H 0.33cm

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Decoder type  wires only
Motor current, continuous  1.0A
Function Outputs  4
RailCom  Yes

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