Viessmann CAR-Motion 8408 inductive charger

Viessmann CAR-Motion 8408 inductive charger

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Viessmann CAR-Motion 8408 inductive charger

Product information "InduktivCharger"
The InduktivCharger enables wireless recharging of vehicles through inductive communication. Without infrared reading functionality, it is comparable to the IR Traffic smart, item 8405. Vehicles come to a halt on the module and automatically position themselves over the charging coil, allowing charging currents to be self-regulated. These modules are particularly suitable for locations with longer dwell times, such as traffic lights or level crossings. Multiple modules can be interconnected to autonomously guide vehicles to charging positions. Communication with IR Traffic smart, item 8405 enables autonomous charging control through traffic flow management. A control output for the motorized 2/3-way turnout, item 8448, which can also control servos, complements the capabilities. For trucks, the ratio of driving time to charging time is approximately 3 to 1, allowing for virtually unlimited driving time. The InduktivCharger can also switch vehicles with receiver coils on and off. Vehicles need to be retrofitted with the receiver coil, item 8440.
Diameter charging coil: 40 mm, diameter electronics: 30 mm, height: 40 mm

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