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Product information "IR Mini"
The module allows the transmission of a variety of commands to CarMotion vehicles via infrared signals. These commands range from simple blinking to deceleration and stopping of CarMotion vehicles, for example in front of traffic lights. The two infrared transmitter diodes can be inconspicuously positioned alongside the road or placed horizontally in a small cut-out in the roadway or roadside. Like the vehicles, the module can be conveniently configured in the CarManager. All macros stored in the vehicles can be invoked by the module, including those that cannot be accessed through magnetic sequences for technical reasons. The two IR LEDs transmit different signals depending on the selected operating mode. One of the numerous applications is precise stopping in front of a traffic light or similar. The first IR LED is positioned some distance before the traffic light and sends the command for gradual deceleration when the traffic light is red. The vehicle then gently comes to a stop on an optional stop magnet (north pole). The second IR LED is located in close proximity to the traffic light and sends the start command when the light is green. The module is directly controlled by the Viessmann traffic light controller, items 5094 or 5095, or the level crossing items 5104 and 510) via the control input. The input also allows control of the module through a switch, relay contact, or DCC switch command using a suitable central control unit. Simple commands can also be generated by turning the module on and off, for example, to send blink commands only when a corresponding turnout is set.

Board dimensions with cable outlet:  ca. L 45 x W 5 x H 5 mm
Recommended installation space (programming plug): ca. L 55 x W 5 x H 5 mm
Cable length to the IR LEDs: each ca. 300 mm
IR LED dimensions: ca. L 2 x W 1.2 x H 1.2 mm
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VN8403 IR Mini

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