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The DINAMO TM-44 is a new module for controlling the trains on your track and reporting back the positions of your trains. The TM44 is part of the "Dinamo Plug and Play" concept, but can also be used in an already existing Dinamo system.

The TM44 offers:

Control of 4 blocks

  • Detection of trains in 4 sections per block
  • Control of analog trains with pulse width modulation in 127 steps
  • Permanent lighting of analog trains
  • Control of digital trains by means of DCC
  • Short-circuit protection per block
  • Communication through RS485
  • Single feed

Control of blocks

The TM44 provides outputs to control 4 blocks individually and independently. The control of a block can be analogue or digital. The switchover between analog and digital is done under the control of the RM-U module , so that your analogue and digital material can actually run on your railroad.

Train detection

Each block output of the TM44 is divided into 4 sections for the position indication of trains by means of current detection, so that accurate positioning of trains can be achieved in all cases. In contrast to many other occupancy detectors, the current detection of the TM44 is completely symmetrical. This means that the same electronics are included in the line of both rails for detection to take place. This increases the reliability and accuracy of detection on the block transitions at looping loops.

Analog trains

The control of analog trains is via pulse width modulation . This method of control ensures a good driving behavior of your equipment, provided that it is technically reasonable. With pulse width control you can drive at creep speed under that condition. Of course you can drive both 'forward' and 'backwards'. The 63 speed steps per direction of travel ensure that equipment with different characteristics can be controlled in such a way that always a natural driving behavior is obtained.

Permanent lighting (analogue)

The TM44 provides (if desired) the permanent lighting of rolling stock. The lighting is done with an AC voltage of about 18 kHz and is adjustable in terms of level in 16 steps. The permanent lighting can be switched on and off per block (naturally again Dinamic). When controlling that permanent lighting, even the lighting of your locomotives can be switched directionally. For the latter you need a simple auxiliary circuit in your locomotive.

Digital trains

With digital control, the TM44 provides the digital power supply for each block and the DCC packages for the trains. The DCC packages are generated separately per block and only for that train that is in that block. The advantage of such a solution is that this method is extremely 'scalable'. Up to 10 DCC packages can be generated per block, sufficient for multiple locomotives (multitraction), steering positions and extensive bells and whistles. The management of the DCC information about the various blocks and TM44 controllers is provided by the RM-U .

Short-circuit protection

The TM44 is short-circuit protected. As soon as the current exceeds 2A, the controller switches off the voltage (individually per block) within a few microseconds and back on within 10 milliseconds as soon as the overload has been removed. Any overload is signalled to the control computer.


The TM44 requires only a single supply of 8..24V DC. The supply voltage offered is the voltage that will be placed on the rails for the trains. As a rule, a voltage of 15..18V is a good choice.


The communication between RM-U and TM44s takes place via a serial (network) connection based on RS485. This allows you to bridge large distances (up to 1200 meters), so that you can set up the TM44 modules decentrally (eg under your track), close to the blocks that control the module. That saves a lot of cabling. With the network connection you have the choice between making your own connection cable or using standard RJ45 connection cables.


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VPEB DINAMO TM44 Block control and track detection.

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