Uhlenbrock 43 400 GBM track occupancy detection Part 1

1 November 2021  |  Admin

Uhlenbrock 43 400 GBM track occupancy detection Part 1

UH43400 GBM Track occupancy detection Part 1.

With many things unless you know about them they are not much use. So i want to start to show you how useful this product from Uhlenbrock really is. 

What is this product?

This product allows you to always know where your trains are.

Have you ever been in a signal box? Every movement of a train is represented by an illumination on the control panel. This is also possible on your model railroad with track occupancy reporting. In a fiddle yard or on the visible part of the layout you may want to know what areas are occupied can i drive in to a track or is it still occupied by another Train? Well the GBM 43400 from Uhlenbrock gives you the answer.

The Function

The module is used for the reliable display of stationary and moving trains on the track. It is also suitable for use as an electronic switch.

The occupancy message reports every drive current from 1 mA in the separating section that it monitors. It therefore reacts to all locomotives and all wagons with lighting. It can switch lamps, LEDs, signals, switches, relays or other components such as sound modules.

In the example below we show you how to connect to a Green and Red Led. This could be used to show an area lets say the end of a fiddle yard that is occupied by a train, The Leds would be placed on your mimic panel Green could be clear and red train in this area. 

How it works.

As you can see above the Unit is feed with Digital power from your System. The digital power also is used in this idea to drive the LEDs on the mimic panel. you can then see an isolated section of track this for example might be the end of the fiddle yard. When a loco from either direction of travel drives in this section it will switch the relay and then change the state of the LEDs. Show you that the section is not occupied.

This example is the most basic way you can use this modal. As you will see there is two relays available to you to use. This could control a signal or anything you wish to be switched when this section is occupied.


More to follow and more ways to use this item coming soon. 

Next topic Block control with the units and signals !

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