BLOCKsignalling SSM1 Station Stop Module

BLOCKsignalling SSM1 Station Stop Module

Station Stop Module

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Product Code:  BS-SSM1
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Based on Shuttle Module (SAS2-IR) which automatically operates a train backwards and forwards along a single line.

Has additional programs to operate a train clockwise and anticlockwise around a loop, stopping automatically at a station platform.

Train detection using Infra-red sensors (no track cutting required) to ensure the correct stopping point on each run.

Waiting times can be set by the user and are adjustable.Ść They can also be set to random.

Optional Route Indication leds can be connected to show train waiting, or in transit along the line.

Optional 2-aspect signals can be connected (common-cathode only), and will switch to green three seconds before train departs, and back to red two seconds later.

Retains all the existing functions of the SAS2-IR to give flexibility of reuse

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