LDT HSI-88-USB High Speed Interface for the S88-Feedbackbus
 LDT HSI-88-USB High Speed Interface for the S88-FeedbackbusLDT HSI-88-USB High Speed Interface for the S88-Feedbackbus 

LDT HSI-88-USB High Speed Interface for the S88-Feedbackbus

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LDT HSI-88-USB High Speed Interface for the s88-Feedbackbus

The HSI-88-USB is a Feedback-Interface from a s88-Feedbackbus to an USB-Interface of a Computer.The interface includes three s88 bus-plugs. This offers the advantage of a much faster s88 bus handling and the possibility to build up three bus-lines at the layout-system!All Feedback-Events will be fast transmitted, without any detour via the command station, via the USB-Interface directly to the PC.Features of the HSI-88-USB- A fast (1.1/2.0 Full-Speed USB-Connection) galvanically isolated connection to the computer via USB. All USB-Units require a so called USB-Unit Driver Software which can be found on a file at the CD „USB-Drivers for DiCoStation and HSI-88-USB“ attached to the HSI-88-USB.- The 3 feedback lines additionally enhance the reading-time of the s88-feedback bus by 3-times.- 3 feedback lines will give you the advantage of a more simple arrangement of the feedback modules below your layout.- It is possible to monitor a total of 31*16 feedback contacts with one bus-line. But in summary of all three bus lines are not more than 31*16 contacts readable.-Besides all standard-feedback-modules such as s88 from Märklin or our RM-88-N / RM-DEC-88 you can naturally operate on the HSI-88-USB as well our feedback modules witch optocoupling RM-88-N-O / RM-DEC-88-Opto and our feedback modules with integrated track occupancy report RM-GB-8-N / RM-GB-8.- The HSI-88-USB operates event-driven: any changes on the tracks are reported immediate to the PC. This saves substantial PC resources and reduces the response time considerable because the pc has not to request cyclical about changes but gets all updated changes reported from the interface.- If you want to use an own written model-rail-way-software for the communication with the interface HSI-88-USB you can find the relevant programming-commands within the next section!- Each Feedback-Interface HSI-88-USB will be supplied together with an USB-Connection Cable for the connection to the PC.- We supply the HSI-88-USB incl. a CD with USB-Software-Driver for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista (each for 32- and 64-Bit) as well as Windows XP, 2000, ME and 98.- The actual HSI-88-USB firmware and the actual USB-Drivers can be downloaded within the next section.-Each Interface HSI-88-USB will be supplied with a detailed manual incl. installation-instruction and various sample-screenshots. -The HSI-88-USB is available as a tested finished module in a case (-G).

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