Lenz 10231-02 Standard Decoder

Lenz 10231-02 Standard Decoder

Lenz Standard Decoder

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Product Code:  10231-02
Brand:  Lenz
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Lenz 10231-02 Standard Decoder.

The new standard + V2: he can do everything that the STANDARD + always could. Now we have also made him capable of ABC, he donated another function output and optimized it for use with LEDs.Nothing made we did the price. The remains, as before. Intelligent mode selection allows use as a function decoder more info RailCom capable, RailCom function already set at the factory ABC -capable for point genaus stopping and automatic block sections high-frequency control of motor speed Motor current 1 A four function outputs *, 150 mA load (light bulbs at 30 mA) - optimized for LEDs limit for all F-Outputs: 350 mA Function outputs timed switchable (eg for remote controlled couplings) Naturally short-circuit protected outputs continue with 2- and 4-digit addresses of course, also in multiple traction Automatic detection of digital / analog operation Shunting Connection cable with plug NEM652 Less than the new standard, you should not ask for really! * In addition to the three functional outputs on the NEM652 interface we have created the possibility for a fourth; this only one cable to the free outer solder pad must be soldered.

Lokdecoder STANDARD + V2:

Part No. 10231-02,

Dimensions:.. 25 x 15 x 3.8 mm

Decoder type:  8pin on wires
Motor current, continuous:  1.0A
Function Outputs:  4

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