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LoDi-Con A hand controller
LoDi-Con A hand controller
LoDi-Con A hand controller

LoDi-Con A
The lodi con,

our new hand controller.

Equipped with a high-quality touch display and a handy rotary control, the LoDi-Con is unbeatable in its handling. 

It can connect to the complete Lodi system and can communicate with a Z21, as well as a CS2 and CS3.

The integrated dual WLAN antenna enables very good reception and can therefore also be used outdoors without any problems.


The LoDi-Con A has a built-in Lipo rechargeable battery that offers trouble-free operation under continuous load of up to 10 hours. The unit is then plugged in to a USB C for charging. 


The model railway market is teeming with a wide variety of control panels, bus systems, protocols and operating modes. Everyone wants to be served in their own way. The model railway station actually only wants to drive his trains without problems. And this is exactly where LoDi-Con comes in:

Thanks to its powerful Wi-Fi antenna, LoDi-Con can communicate with and control all common control centres. The protocol used is secondary to the time being. It is important that the control centre can be reached via an IP address in the network.

Control your locomotives comfortably via the controller.

Switch turnout roads at the push of a button.

Play or do what you want - LoDi-Con takes care of the details.

Functionality and characteristics of LoDi-Con

Easy operation via capacitive touch screen and incremental knob

Optical feedback via the knob for gears, short circuit and much more

Full integration of LoDi components

Connection to several control centres at the same time via WLAN possible

Driving locomotives and managing them in a locomotive database

Display of own locomotive pictures

Double and multiple traction

Switching switches, signals and turnout roads

Model time display

CV programming in plain text on the programming and main tracks (PoM)

Feedback monitor

Blocking functions via a password

Up to 68 locomotive functions

Club mode (following )

Integration into the LoDi ProgrammerFX

Supported control centres and protocols

Since LoDi-Con has WLAN and it can be easily integrated into your home network or even communicate directly with control centres if they have an integrated WLAN module, the possibilities to integrate it are great. They can be connected to up to five control centres at the same time.

There are already some common protocols available and we are working daily to support other manufacturers.

Until now, the following devices can be connected to LoDi-Con:

LoDi Rector

LoDi shift commander

LoDi S88 Commander

Z21 and all control centres that support the Z21 protocol

Märklin CS2/3

XpressNet (in preparation)

Loconet (in preparation)

Even now, LoDi-Con can communicate with a variety of products of the model railway control software via the Z21 protocol.

We continue to work closely with the manufacturers to implement even more functionality in LoDi-Con



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LoDi-Con A hand controller

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